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#Shake_it, Spread it!

Graphic designer specialized in visual identities, art director and web designer since 2012,
Downtown helps brands and businesses of all sizes to succeed in their print and digital communication.
Attentive to details, dedicated to the creative concept, I listen, advise, design and deliver all the graphic tools you'll need to stand out in the urban jungle.







Logos, corporate identity, ...

Let's create a complete brand identity, impactful and long-lasting,
optimized to print & digital supports...


Brochures, flyers, catalogues, posters, annual reports... I design and optimise all your paper supports :
Your files are ready to get printed.


Art direction, advertising campaigns, creative concepts and visuals...
Stand out! And increase your brand's visibility potential.


Brand strategy, positioning,
marketing incubation ...

My experience, savoir-faire & creativity
at your business's service.


Responsive web design, social medias, content creator, e-marketing...

I walk you through all the processes, for an efficient digital communication.


Need some backup on a project?
With a solid experience in agencies and as a freelancer, I strengthen your creative team, in total flexibility.

Lettres “DWNTWN” blanches peintes sur fond beige, effet typographie grafitti


Tommy Dorier, founder, graphic designer & art director for Downtown Lyon


Graphic designer and advertising art director since 2012, passionate of visual Arts and gangsta Rap, I made my experience through freelance and agencies Today, I work internationally and for various fields of activity.

My job is to listen, understand and visually translate a concept.
It is also to advise and guide you trough both creative and graphic processes. Thus, I believe in the importance of details, the strength of a clean visual and the efficiency of the good idea. Creative, energetic, a bit maverick, and probably riding my skateboard right now...
Contact me and let's work together!




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