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Affiche panneaux Downtown, mon process créatif et graphique de branding
Logo Downtown, studio branding Lyon

Guiding & Accompanying You
all along Creative & Graphic processes...

Pictogramme identité visuelle et branding à Lyon


Logo Design

Corporate Identity




Icône direction artistique et agence de communication


Art Direction

Créative Advising

360° Communication



Icône webdesigner et création de sites internets responsives à Lyon



Social medias




Pictogramme design print et mise en page de contenu éditorial


Posters / Flyers

Brochures / Reports




Icône startégie marketing, publicité et positionnement de marque



Brand Positioning

Marketing Incubation



Pictogramme graphiste et directeur artistique freelance à Lyon


Just for a day,

during a week,

or for the month



pictogram vector logo files delivery
CCTV, designs and visuals presentation
pictogram design coffee


pictogram freelance designer in Lyon
pictogram design creative graphic brain
pictogram design bolt







Shall We Meet ?

Sharing a coffee... or through Facetime, Let's talk about your communication project: logo design, branding, art direction, editorial design, web design... In short, all the tools you'll need to perfect and build a durable & strong brand image. 

In french or English, no problem!

Briefing, Quotes
& Schedule

According to your budget, your marketing objectives and needs, we establish a brief together, and the complete list of the jobs to provide. After agreeing on a precise, detailed and transparent pricing, we'll then be able to define a schedule and delivery deadlines.

Creative & Graphic Researches

With your indications and your communication strategy as a reference, I explore, research and design powerful and disruptive graphic identities, always based on a strong concept... I always give a huge importance to details and work with the obsession of  producing a qualitative, rule-breaking graphic design.

Meeting / Presentation
of the 1st Concepts

The work is presented using a PDF document that explains the creative concepts and details the entire graphic design choices. Logos, visuals and the graphic elements are shown using mockups and tangible examples of the branding in use. 

Validation, Billing
& Files Delivery

Once the mock-ups, designs and logos have been validated, you'll receive my bill. After payment, I deliver the final files : complete brandings, logos under various formats, printable PDF, web files... Everything is ready to publish and promote your new brand or product.

pictogram lightning


Modifications & Revisions

In order to perfectly fit your vision, your strategy and your communication goals, we adjust and adapt the concept, the corporate identity or the designs. Colors, fonts, design modifications... For a better flexibility a dedicated work time is included in each and every quote.

Ruban adhésif noir pour l'identité visuelle de l'agence de communication Downtown
Logo Downtown, studio branding Lyon

You Got a Project ?

You are a company, a start-up, an entrepreneur ? You are launching a new brand, a product or a service?

Let's work together to improve your communication!

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