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Photomontage ville blanche, tarifs graphiste à Lyon
Logo “Downtown” création d'identité visuelle à Lyon

Invest in the Right Tools, to Build the Brand 
reflecting Your Ambitions...

pictogram design and corporate identity


Logo Design

Corporate Identity




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Art Direction

Creative Advising

360° Communication



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Web design

Social medias




Print, editorial design and brochures design pictogram


Posters / Flyers

Brochures / Reports




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Brand Positioning

Marketing Incubation



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Affiche ville en noir et blanc, prix directeur artistique à Lyon
codebar city logo downtown creative agency

To ensure a complete, professional, tailor-made and adapted accompaniment,

my services are always priced upon a personalized free quote,

based on the hourly rate of 60 €,  or 480 € per day *

For information purpose only and to better evaluate my costs, here is my price range for the most common services :



0,5 - 1 Days 


150 - 360 €* 

Required at every meeting to create a link and generate opportunities, a business card is a powerful tool to break the ice. Corporate object, first impression, concentrate of your brand identity, imprint left after an encounter, it has to be remarkable and impactful. Distinctive, atypical, unique, refined, elegant... a good business card is essentially a nice object you want to keep, and one of your best brand's ambassador.

Special formats, embossed paper, neon ink, gold foil or even metal cards... From design to selection of the paper quality, I'll help you creating the card that meets your ambitions.



1 - 3 Days 


480 - 1 200 €* 

Your logo makes your business visually unique, identifiable and recognizable by your clients and prospects. First step towards the creation of a brand identity, the logo also gives clues about the values and the entity it represents. With our exchanges and marketing goals as a reference frame, I design a logo simple enough to be seen and recognized at first sight, but founded on a strong concept and a sense of details allowing better impact, memorization and perennity...

Based on your budget and your needs, one or several graphic concepts, and a various number of logo variations are possible. Your files are delivered ready to use, in vector, and under various colors and formats (.eps, .svg, .png, CMYK, RGB ...) and coupled with the guidelines (mockups, colors, free zone ...).



4 - 6 Days 


 1 800 - 2 600 €* 

A unique, strong and coherent corporate identity is a true marketing advantage for a company. Main vector of visibility, your branding allows an immediate identification of your brand, products or services, all while standing out from your concurrents. A solid visual identity is also a necessary tool to succeed in your marketing strategy, brand positioning, to reach the right targets, fulfill your marketing goals, raise your sales ...

According to your brief and goals, I design the new image of your brand, adapted to the diversity and requirements of print and digital supports. Your logo and its variations are delivered with a complete corporate identity explaining the use of each element of your branding (colors, fonts, placements...) as well as your stationaries and social media images.



8 - 12 Days 


3 800 to 5 800 €* 

As defined by Marty Neumeier : a brand is a gut feeling a consumer can perceive towards a company, a service or a product. It is the sum of all the impressions, interactions and relationships it exist between you and your clients...

This why your business image must be entirely thought, managed and controlled. Choosing the right medias, the right visual, but also the right tone, the right words and the right creative concept, to positively and durably imprint the brand in your client's mind.

From the logo to the branding, packagings to advertising campaigns, prints to digital tools... I offer a complete and custom package allowing you to build your brand images and establishing a strong and durable relationship with your clients.



6 - 8 Days 


2 400 to 3 200 €* 

Aesthetic, attractive, dynamic... The design of your website is before all essential to the user experience. Beyond the technical or creative requirements, putting the ergonomy at the core of the graphic conception optimizes and fluidifies the user/interface interactions, and allows a more intuitive navigation. 

It is also the best way to guide your clients towards a predefined path, and therefore to reach the important content. The final goal is to generate a contact, or a business opportunity.


After briefing and the design of a complete UX, summing up the placing and fonction of each element, I conceive a responsive website that suits your needs and goals. You receive the first designs (homepage and main pages layouts) and we adjust the design until entire satisfaction. I deliver the source files (PSD, SVG, fonts, images...) required for an optimal development of your website. 



2 - 4 Days 


900 to 1 800 €* 

Commercial flyers, catalogues, brochures, annual reports... The print design stays a good and efficient way to maximize the impact of your communication, introduce its products, or promotes your services. The print allows to leave a physical trace, durable, a real and palpable object, opposed to the virtual ephemerality of the web content... 

I put my experience and my savoir-faire at your service, to optimize, hierarchize, and making your editorial contents more attractive. From the conception to the printer shop, from the quality of the paper to the special inks selection, I advise and accompany you all along the graphic process. Pictogram designs, infographies, textural and visual layouts... Once the first designs approved, I deliver the high-definitions PDFs and print-ready files.



1 - 3 Days 


480 - 1 400 €* 

The quantity of the advertising messages and posters we see around us everyday is a good proof of the efficiency of printed communications. In this dense jungle of 4x3, billboards and other street banners, it is necessary but sometimes hard for a brand to catch the public's awareness... 

Knowing how to grab the attention in one glimpse, one image, one idea, one slogan and transmitting a clear and concise message to a precise target: here are the stakes of print design.


Using strong and disruptive creative concept associated with a clean graphic design, I create your advertising campaigns in the continuity of your brief, marketing goals, and brand positioning. 

From the first creative concepts, to the delivery of the printable files, take advantage of my experience and my advices for a successful advertising campaign. 



2 - 4 Days 


 900 - 1 800 €* 

A packaging is your last weapon to convince your client before he buys. 

More than a simple protection, it's a powerful identification element of your product and your brand. Being recognizable, valorizing the product, inducing the notion of range and triggering the consumers interest... Here are the inherent qualities of a packaging. In harmony with your marketing strategy, it must, by its shape, its materials and its designs, reflect the quality and the positioning of your product.


After a deep analysis of your brand, your product, the market, the concurrency, and define together the right creative strategy to adopt, I send you the first designs.

Of course the packagings are presented on flat layouts but also using 3D mock-ups and accompanied with their graphic assets. 

The approved files are calibrated and ready to print. 

* Price ranges given as an indication only - Services provided on estimate quote only.

These prices do not include art purchase, printing nor development. VAT not applicable - Article 293 b of the French CGI.

Visuel graphique de ruban adhésif noir pour l'identité visuelle de Downtown Lyon
Logo "code barre" Downtown, studio de graphisme Lyon

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