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"Crowd" The pawnies, street art and nft project by Downtown graphics Lyon


Personal Project ;)


Graphic / Artistic Creation

Generative design

NFTs Collection

Art Prints & Merch

Street Art / Shows

Country / Year:

France - USA / 2017 - 2023





Inspired by chess, Lego bricks, anticipation movies & novels like "1984" , "They Live", or the works of Shepard Fairey and Jim Phillips... The_Pawnies is a graphic dystopic universe, an NFT collection and a tribute to graffiti and street artists from the 90's.


This generative design project is based on the concepts of personalisation, of standardisation, duplication, reproduction, overproduction and oversupply of visual elements.

Thus, the use of iterations, graphic random combinations known to create NFTs, allows to generate an infinity of different characters, all built from a standard base, but all uniques.

Moreover, the use of an isometric perspective allows to place those elements & characters anywhere on the plan and at any size, offering the possibility of creating a vast variety of "small worlds" and an infinity of posters & visuals.

Follow the rules, respect authority, enter the world of The_Pawnies ...

"Pawn Supermarket" illustration NFT en noir et blanc par le street-artiste Downtown à Lyon
Blade Runner film poster, artistic reference for the creation of the NFT The Pawnies collection
Film “They Live” inspiration from the street-art project The Pawnies by the artist Downtown in Lyon
The Wall, Pink Floyd, graphic and artistic reference to the NFT the Pawnies collectible graphic project
Portrait of George Orwell, 1984, inspiration for the artistic project and NFT collection The Pawnies
Poster of the film 99F, inspiration from the NFT The Pawnies collection by the graphic designer Downtown in Lyon
Logo Obey, Shepard Fairey, inspiration for the street-art work The-Pawnies by the graphic designer Downtown
Lego character, illustration graphic reference to the street art project and NFT collection The_Pawnies
Illustration Main Santa Cruz, graphic reference of the street-art project and NFT collection The Pawnies
Illustration vectorielle de nuages pour le projet dystopique artistique "The_Pawnies"
Satelite, character design and isometric illustration for NFT collectibles
Vectors and graphic elements drawn for the NFT collection "The_Pawnies"
"Pawn factory", isometric illustration of characters and NFT collectibles
"Black Pawn" character design in black and white for an NFT collection
Pawn pipe, vector illustration by graphic designer and street artist Downtown in Lyon
Pawn graffiti and paint drips for an isometric vector illustration
"White pawn" character design in isometric illustration for an art project
Generative design for NFT and street art project
Creation and design of a pawn character, illustration for the NFT project
Toutes les déclinaisons graphiques des "Pawnies", personnages du projet de NFT art
CCTV tower, chess character design for the street art project "The_Pawnies"
Character design Pawn by graphic designer and street artist Downtown
Broken white pawn, character design of the art project
Black angel pawn, character design in vector illustration for the NFT project
White demon pawn, isometric illustration and vector digital art by designer Downtown
Black CCTV pawn, vector isometric illustration for the NFT collection
TV screen pawn, street art artwork by street artist and graphic designer Downtown
Black bomb pawn, chess vector drawing and digital generative art
Beaker pawn, illustrartion design and vector digital art
Black brain pawn, character design and street art artwork
White antenna pawn, charater design and illustration for an NFT collection
All the characters pawns from the generative design project and NFT collection the Pawnies
Détail de l'oeuvre d'art "king powerplant", fraffiti et art urbain à Lyon
Black bishop, chess graffiti character and NFT collectible
Black powerplant king, digital creation by graphic designer Downtown in Lyon
Chess white knight, street art project character and NFT collection The Pawnies
White broken tower, vector isometric character illustration for a street art show and NFT collection
Money white king, art project and generative design by digital artist Downtown
Black TV queen, character design end graffiti project by NFT artist Downtown
Framed printed poster design of a chess character in exploded view
Vector construction and drawings to create the main character of the NFT collection
Chess game illustration using isometric perspective and generative design
Creation and design of a dystopian graphic universe for the street-art work The_Pawnies
Character design and vector illustration for an NFT collection and art show
Missile pawn, street art work, unique piece and NFT collection The_Pawnies
foule de personnages pions, oeuvre artistique et graphique en noir et blanc
Colored eyes and brain, street art illustration by artist Downtown
Animated logo design for the NFT collection and the street art show
Stamp design with the logo of the art project
Eye logo variation for the Pawnies project, printed on wrinkled paper
Typography design for the art show's logo
Pawn logo design for the NFT collection
Creation and design of a character "TV Queen" for the art project The Pawnies
White brain pawn, character of the NFT collection by Downtown
Creation of printed works, artistic project, NFTs and street art The_Pawnies
Création de carte de viste personnalisée avec le logo du projet à Lyon
Artwork and graffiti on a container for the street art project and NFT collection the Pawnies
"Money king", framed artwork inspired by street art and graffiti, in a baroque gold frame
Oeuvre d'art digital inspirée du jeu d'échec et du street-art par le graphiste lyonnais Downtown
King powerplant, paper art and graffiti artwork by graphic designer downtown
Crowd with pawns and neon lights, isometric illustration and artwork in black and white
Crowd of chess characters in black and white, artwork and street art project "The_Pawnies"
Mur galerie d'art, oeuvres encadrées et street art sur skateboards "The-Pawnies"
Eyes knight, street art artwork and NFT collectible the Pawnies
Tableau yeux colorés, oeuvre artistique dystopique inspirée du street-art et graffiti
Framed artwork, art gallery and street art The Pawnies by Downtown Lyon
Black and white crowd of Pawns, graffiti painting and street art artwork in gold baroque frame
Black Pawn CCTV, framed painting and graffiti artwork
Paper art artwork, street art and comtemporary artist Downtown
"Queen missile", paper art, graffiti and framed artwork for the pawnies project
Création artistique, illustration vectorielle inspirée des échecs, des néons et du rétro-gaming
Posters designs in black and white for the Art show
"TV Queen", isometric illustration and typographies, digital artwork and NFT collectible inspired by street art
"Pawn Supermarket", framed artwork in black and white paper, street art project and NFT collection the Pawnies
Mur de briques blanches et graffiti "pawn Shop", collection NFT "The_Pawnies" par Downtown Lyon
Missile pawn, NFT artwork inspired by street-art culture
Pawn "The_Pawnies", illustrated character from the NFT collection and steet-art project by the graphic designer Downtown
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Pion TV, dystopian graphic universe and street art work by Lyon-based graphic designer Downtown
Creation of NFTs for the digital art collection “The_Pawnies”
NFT created by the Lyon street artist Downtown
NFT black pawn, created by the digital artist Downtown in Lyon
Unique artistic work from The_Pawnies NFT collection
Black pawn, unique digital work of art from the NFT collection inspired by street art
Queen TV, illustrated character from the dystopian street art project The_Pawnies by Downtown Lyon
Unique piece, street art work and NFT collection The_Pawnies
Pawn, unique character from the collection of 1800 NFT works The_Pawnies, by the Lyon graphic designer Downtown
King, character illustrated for the NFT street-art collection The_Pawnies
King The_Pawnies, NFT digital work inspired by street art by the graphic designer Downtown
Work of art, NFT collectible and graphic creation for the street-art project The_Pawnies
Creation of NFT characters and collectibles for the street-art project The_Pawnies
Knight, unique artistic work from the street art project The_Pawnies
Brain pawn, NFT artistic work for the “Pawnies” collection
Black and white illustration of a bishop, digital artwork inspired by street art and graffiti

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