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logo brand identity ECS Skincare by Downtown graphics


ECS Skincare


Brand Concept
Logo + graphic assets
Art Direction

Brand universe / Wording
Country / Year

USA / 2020




Founded in California in 2020, ECS Skincare is a natural cosmetic brand using CBD as an active ingredients. This revolutionary molecule, derived from cannabis, provides relaxing, anti-aging, invigorating... but most of all accelerates the skin regeneration and renewal of epidermal cells: You change your skin!

Built upon the idea of a new skin, a new self, the creative concept associates the natural snake ability to moult, with the desire to get freed from social masks ans pre-established codes: Shed skin, reveal Yourself.

With the objective of targeting a young audience, and the creation of an open, inclusive and gender-free brand , this concept is also the representation of a more tolerant generation with new standards.

Gravure ancienne d'un ouroboros, concept marketing de branding


is an ancient emblem present in various cultures all over the world.
In certain Myths, this dragon or snake biting his own tail symbolises the circle of life, the fertility,
the renewal, the regeneration or the infinite...


Logo ECS Skincare
pictogram design snake freelance designer
Moult/ Skin
Medical Caduceus/
Ouroboros ...
pictogram desgninfinit branding agency Downtown
Equilibrium/ Symbiosis/
pictogram creation freelance webdesigner
Cannabis/ CBD/
Natural Extracts / Organic/ Eco-Friendly /
construction logo Downtown communication agency
favicon logo creation Downtown web graphic designer
Estampille graphique ECS Skincare
business cards design by Downtown marketing agency
flower logo freelance art director


Trame graphique pour l'identité visuelle d'une marque de cosmétiques de luxe
brand colors graphic designer Downtown
brand creation advertising studio
brand identity ECS skincare Downtown graphic design
Mockup d'un tote bag pour l'identité visuelle d'une entreprise
logos & marks by Downtown graphics


Packaging minimaliste pour des produits cosmétiques de luxe
cosmetic packaging Downtown design agency
pack-shot advertising agency Downtown graphics
cosmetic tube packaging mock-up
design packaging by downtown branding
shopping bag design mock-up Downtown


Affiche publicitaire 4x3 réalisée pour la marque ECS skincare par le graphiste Downtown
poster design freelance graphic designer
print communication poster Downtown agency
model portrait cosmetic brand advertising
Création de flyers et prospectus par le graphiste Downtown Lyon
Panneau publicitaire pour la nouvelle campagne de la marque ECS Skincare
model and logo brand assets ECS skincare
advertising poster design mock-up by Downtown


webdesign website mock-up ECS by Downtown
Réalisations social media graphiques webdesigner Lyon Downtown
Design de post social media graphiste Lyon Downtown
Post marketing social, directeur artistique web
Vignette Instagram avec l'égérie de la marque
Habillage graphique réseaux sociaux pour la communication digitale
Contenu réseaux sociaux pour le branding web de l'entreprise
Visuel publicitaire par l'agence de communication Downtown à Lyon
Direction artistique publicité social et e-marketing
Stratégie de marketing des réseaux pour ECS Skincare
Visuel réseaux sociaux communication digitale marque ECS
Graphisme et packaging pour la charte graphique ECS
Post Instagram pour la communication digitale de la marque
advertising campaign by Downtown graphic studio
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