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“Boom” key visual, presenting the new Lüminyx visual identity




Logo Design

Branding + Corporate Identity

Art Direction

Print & Social Campaigns

Posters + Flyers

Web Design

Country / Year:

France / 2022




Lüminyx, founded by Charlotte Colombel & Stéphane Batime in 2019, creates and realizes high-end  pyrotechnical and fireworks shows for individuals or event managers.

Combining technical expertise and artistic creation, the Lyon based company offers custom made services in France, Europe, Middle-East and United States...

Already outsiders and renown by professionals for their savoir-faire, the two owners wished to adopt a new brand image impactful, refined, statutory and fancy, in harmony with their positioning and targeted audience.

Thus, the chosen graphic identity is a golden explosion, festive and sparkling!

Inspired by the pyrotechnical universe, it brings dynamism and lightness to the brand. It is also the echo of a certain french way of luxury, custom-made creations and exceptional shows... BADABOOM!

Création d'une vitrophanie avec le logo de la marque par Downtown graphiste Freelance à lyon



Cursive L



Photomontage of golden fireworks in the colors of the brand
Creation of a business card with hot foil stamping for company branding
Explanation of the creation of the logo with the golden ratio
Feu d'artifice et explosion pour illustrer la nouvelle charte graphique de la marque
Blowing Stuff... & Minds Since 2019
Creation of a graphic sign and signage panel for a Lyon agency
Mockup presentation of a logo on a mug
Design of a tailor-made typography for a logo
Creation of a stamp with the company logo by the graphic designer Freelance Downtown in Lyon


Fumée et explosions pour le branding d'une marque de feux d'artifices
Variation of the Lüminyx logo with a golden effect
Creation of luxury embossed business cards for a pyrotechnics brand
Color chart and color palette for the Lüminyx graphic charter
Branding and graphic charter for a brand in Lyon by the Downtown branding studio
Creation of a typographic advertising poster for a brand of fireworks
Réalisation de cartes de visites luxueuses avec dorure à chaud pour un client
Textile design of a tote bag with the brand logo
Example of a visual created for the branding of a pyrotechnic studio
Presentation of the new Lüminyx logo and the graphic charter on communication media
Creation of a high-end graphic charter for a brand in Lyon


Design textile, direction artistique et création de logo pour une entrprise lyonnaise
App and responsive web design for the creation of a client's website
Poster creation and freelance artistic direction in Lyon Downtown
Creation of posters and advertising campaigns for a fireworks company
Graphic posters created for the visual communication of a company
Webdesign de la page d'accueil et création de sites internet UI/UX à Lyon
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