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Logo Design
Corporate Identity

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USA / 2019


ZG Mad


Envirosolar designs and installs smart solar solutions for residential, collectivities and businesses. Founded in Texas, the company wants do deploy and commercialise its services all over the US territory.

Attached to environnemental values, sustainable thinking and clean energy, Envirosolar wishes to adopt a new image, positive, sympathetic, and consumer-friendly... all while evoking technologies, connectivity, smart-tech, innovation...

The brand territory presents itself with a simple and accessible graphic identity, combined with a fun wording. The gimmick E=mc2 values the consumer and underlines the product benefits (smart, connected, intelligent...).

Panneaux solaires, visuel produit pour le branding
advertising slogan envirosolar communication agency downtown


logo design envirosolar by downtown
pictogram design e letter
pictogramme sun freelance graphic designer lyon
pictogram creation power graphic designer freelance lyon
Conception et création du logo de l'entreprise
professionnal logo designer
favicon design envirosolar


Réalisation de cartes de visites pour la charte graphique du client
brand colors envirosolar Downtown Graphics
Mise en page des typos et polices pour le contenu éditorial de la marque
Mockup d'exemple d'utilisation du branding Envirosolar
business card mock-up design
business cards design branding agency downtown
visual identity Envirosolar freelance designer Lyon
branding envirosolar communication agency


advertising slogan and wordings envirosolar
brand creation marketing agency Downtown
advertising campaign Envirosolar by Downtown graphics
advertising poster billboard mock-up
web banner design Envirosolar
brand slogan marketing advisor Downtown
brand visual Downtown Agency
Direction artistique et publicité de la strat-up
hard hat design mock-up graphic design
magazine ad design graphic agency Downtown
advertising poster design and slogan
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