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Key visual of the new Tamboor branding by the graphic designer Downtown in Lyon




Logo Design
Corporate Identity
Brand territory

Country / Year:

France / 2021


Hula Hoop Lyon


Tamboor is a french company, delivering eco-friendly baby diapers at its clients door.
To renew its branding and adopt a more modern, friendly and memorizable image, the brand opened an inter-agency competition, to create a new corporate identity...

This concept, created for Hula Hoop agency in Lyon, is directly inspired by famous 70's smileys and the brand's original logo. Thus, the graphic proposal consists on a modular, inclusive and joyful identity that represents the many personalities of newborns... ;)

Trame à poids créée pour la charte graphique de l'entreprise


Re-design of the brand logo by the graphic designer Downtown
Branding and logo design for a diaper brand
Construction and creation of a logo for a baby diaper brand
Presentation of the Tamboor logo to illustrate the new branding


Création objet publicitaire avec le logo de l'entreprise par le graphiste lyonnais Downtown
Colors used for branding and the Tamboor graphic charter
Creation of business cards for the brand's visual identity
Modular graphics system for creating logos
Variations of smileys and logos for the brand's corporate identity
Creation of personalized t-shirts with the company logo


Trame graphique composée de smileys pour la nouvelle charte graphique Tamboor
Advertising visual and artistic print direction for the brand's advertising campaign
Creation of graphic posters by the Downtown Lyon graphics studio
Advertising poster created by the artistic director Downtown in Lyon
Visual of the advertising campaign created for the Tamboor diaper brand
Creation and design of graphic content for the company's social networks
Pack shot produit et création de packagings par le graphiste freelance Downtown Lyon


Design and packaging design in Lyon
Production and creation of packaging for a Lyon brand
Packaging design and product design for a diaper brand
Graphic packaging created by freelance graphic designer Downtown in Lyon
Creation of packaging for a French brand
Visuel de présentation des nouveaux packagings de la marque, créés par le graphiste Downtown à Lyon
Design of packaging for the Tamboor brand
Advertising visual presenting the new brand image of the Tamboor company
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