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Logo and branding Brassie bar by Downtown graphics


The Brassie Bar


Logo Design
Visual Identity

Goodies / Accessories

Packagings Design
Brand Positioning

Art Direction

Country / Year:

USA / 2018




An old camper rebuilt as mobile bar, a charismatic barmaid and delicious cocktail recipes: The Brassie Bar is at your door! Founded by Alexis Cumings, this concept offers all the services like a real bar: a large choice of beers on tap, elaborated drinks, a selection of fine liquors and spirits, tailor-made service...

For the creation of her logo, Alexis wished to used gold foil, in reference to the name and concept, but also to express her savoir-faire and the refinement and complexity of her recipes inspired by the traditional Wild West.

This logo takes inspiration from the classical lettering of the bars, saloons and beer tags of the late XIXe century. It's a tribute to the time of prohibition and moonshiners, those alcool trafiquants who used to tow carriages to deliver their precious beverages.

Mockup de présentation du logo doré sur une flasque


engraved logo design by downtown freelance designer lyon
favicon brassie bar communication agency lyon
vehicule covering design by Downtown Graphics
Visuel d'ambiance "bar" illustrant l'univers graphique
gold foil logo graphic identity Brassie bar


gold foil brand color Downtown graphics
Gold Foil,
Gold Gradient
or Gold Texture
business cards design exemple mock-up
fonts and typography branding agency Downtown
brand creation brassie bar communication services
letterhead brassie bar communication agency Downtown
packaging design liquor bottle downtown graphic designer Lyon
Logo peint sur un mur en briques


beer packaging brand identity Brassie bar
beer glass mock-up logo design by Downtown
leather logo mock-up branding agency Downtown
Portrait client pour l'identité visuelle de la marque
gold foiling logo ink freelance graphic designer
matchbox design mock-up by Downtown creative
cocktails visual identity brassie bar
"barman", printed poster for the bar's advertising campaign
Création d'un design luxueux par le graphiste et directeur artistique Downtown
vehicule covering car wrap design
social media campaign social content creator
t-shirts design mock-ups Downtown designs
logo details graphic designer freelance lyon
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