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Advertising posters design with pictograms and logos design, art director Downtown




Logo Re-design

Corporate Identity

Logo Design for Subsidiary Brands

Advertising Campaign

Country / Year:

France / 2023




Abitibi, company created in 1997, is the specialist and leader in air-conditioning, plumbing and solar energy for the whole South-Est of France.

In 2021, he diversification and expansion of its services was a good occasion for the group to reorganize its structure by creating subsidiary brands, each specialized in a domain of competencies or a geographic area.

The approved answer is a light refresh of the leaf logo and the creation of a minimalistic, yet versatile and colorful graphic system, which brings coherence and sympathy to the brands, without loosing its already well established notoriety... TABARNABITIBI !

Création et design d'une carte de visite avec le logo de l'entreprise, graphiste freelance Lyon Downtown


logo re-design for the company's new branding and corporate identity
Logo construction and geometric design for french company Abitibi
Logos variations designed for the client's new corporate identity by freelance graphic designer Downtown in lyon
Conception d'un logo aux rapports harmonieux, branding et identité visuelle de la marque Abitibi à Lyon
professional business cards design using pantone and embossed paper for Abitibi's new branding
Design of a custom typography and font for the client's new corporate identity
Traits de construction et design d'une typographie pour la charte graphique de la marque, graphiste freelance Lyon Downtown
Pictograms & logos design for Abitibi new corporate identity
Business cards design for french brand corporate identity Abitibi lyon


Visuel clé illustrant la charte graphique et le nouveau territoire de marque, directeur artistique Lyon Downtown
Stationary design and various communication supports designs for Abitibi's new branding
color scheme and special inks for Abitibi's new corporate identity by graphic designer Downtown
Fonts and typographies used for the company's new visual identity
Design et création d'un système de mise en page graphique pour le branding de la marque
Design layout and editorial content design for the brand's print communication
Inking stamp design with the company's logo
Exemple of use of the logo and the brand's guideline
Letterhead design and layout for the brand's new corporate identity, by freelance art director Downtown
Design d'une trame graphique et géométrique pour renforcer la mémorisation de marque
Design of a vector, geometric, seamless pattern for Abitibi's corporate identity, freelance graphic designer Downtown in Lyon
Mockup exemple of use of the brands custom pattern on a product
Responsive web design and mobile version of the client's website, web designer Lyon Downtown


Création de pictogrammes pour le logo des marques services, branding et marketing studio Downtown Lyon
Creation of logos variations for each brand's service, freelance art director Downtown
key visual and design poster presenting Abitibi solaire's new branding
Création d'une typographie personnalisée pour le logo des marques du groupe Abitibi, graphiste à Lyon Downtown
Pictogram design for a brand corporate identity representing the sun
Pictogram design for the client's branding representing an electric bolt
Advertising poster design created for the client communication campaign, graphic designer Downtown in Lyon
Réalisation d'un visuel clé présentant la nouvelle charte graphique du client
Pictogram and vector design, Abitibi's corporate identity
Plumber pictogram created to illustrate the brand's various services
Advertising poster design and key visual for the brand's visual identity
Minimalist thermometer pictogram created by art director and graphic designer Downtown in lyon
Visuel publicitaire réalisé pour le branding de la marque Abitibi Climat, graphiste à Lyon Downtown
Advertising poster and communication campaign designed for the client's branding
pictogram design for a company's branding
"home" pictogram and custom typeface created for the branding of a client in Lyon
Key visual, advertising campaign for the french company Abitibi based in lyon
Web design et création de contenus pour les réseaux sociaux de la marque Abitibi lyon, graphiste et directeur artistique web Downtown
Exemple of use of the pictograms created for the company's new corporate identity and logo
Resoponsive web design created for the company's new corporate website


Conception et création d'une affiche publicitaire, campagne communication Abitibi
Design advertising poster for french company Abitibi in lyon
Advertising poster for communication campaign, freelance art director Downtown in Lyon
Design et conception d'une annonce-presse pour la campagne publicitaire imprimée de l'entreprise lyonnaise Abitibi
Creation and design of an advertising campaing for french brand Abitibi
Responsive web design, homepage website Abitibi Lyon, graphic designer Downtown
Affiche publicitaire créée pour le nouveau branding et identité visuelle de la marque
Posters design with the company pictograms and logos, art direction and graphic design in lyon
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