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key visual branding and brand identity of the Wow Aspen fitness club by the freelance graphic designer in Lyon Downtown


Wow Aspen


Logo Design

Corporate Identity

Print & Social Campaigns

Web Design

Country / Year:

USA / 2018


ZG Mad x Downtown


Wow is an online service offering instant booking of a private fitness session with Aspen's best certified fitness trainers. Founded in 2018, the company provides a wide range of activities (fitness, yoga, ski, running, cycling...) and the possibility to schedule a session in less than 30 minutes, anywhere near the Roaring Fork Valley.

For the creation of its corporate identity, Wow needed to reflect sport values such as performance, dynamisme, exigence, athletic excellence... all while conserving graphic sobriety and a high-end positioning and aesthetic.

In search of brand impact, memorization and a minimalistic process, the branding is focused on the logo and integrates itself to the visuals, thus remembering the athlete's movements and the simplicity of the service's use.

visuel publicitaire créé pour la campagne de communication de la marque de fitness Wow


female model in fitness session, key visual illustrating the brand's new branding
presentation of the new logo of the sports products company Wow Aspen
modèle masculin pour l'identité de marque et la création du branding du club de gym Wow Aspen par le graphiste Downtown à Lyon

Private Training.

Anytime. Anywhere.

design and production of a business card embossed with the brand logo
trame graphique de répétition du logo créée pour renforcer l'identité visuelle et graphique de l'entreprise
modèle féminin de la nouvelle camapgne de publicité créé pour la marque de fitness Wow


implementation of the brand's graphic charter and stationery on various printed and digital communication media





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Close-up, detail on the luxury and embossed finish of the business cards and stationery created for the company's graphic charter
Design and presentation of the pictograms used for the visual identity of the Wow fitness club, by the graphic designer Freelance Downtown in Lyon
Visual of the new advertising campaign created for the fitness brand Wow Aspen
scenario and example of use of the Wow company logo and branding
Design des T-shirts personnalisés aux couleurs de la marque et reprennant les éléments de la charte graphique
Color references from the graphic charter and Pantone color chart for the brand's new visual identity
Design of goodies, merchandising and use of the logo on various communication media, Downtown graphic design studio in Lyon
design of a graphic affixed to a hooded sweatshirt to illustrate the use of the graphic charter and the logo
Implementation of the new logo and graphic identity of the fitness club on a derivative product


Visuel clé du nouveau branding du club de fitness, campagne publicitaire print et digitale par le directeur artistique freelance Downtown à Lyon
Creation and presentation of an advertising poster for a sports coach, minimalist and refined graphics
Visual of the advertising campaign for the fitness brand Wow, artistic direction and key visual of the graphic identity
Mise en situatiob du logo Wow Aspen Fitness pour la scénographie de l'entreprise
Affiche publicitaire pour un coach sportif, création d'un visuel clé pour la nouvelle image de l'entreprise Wow
Creation and design of advertising posters, marketing campaign with minimalist and refined graphics for a sports brand
Key visual of the communication campaign and advertising created for the sports brand Wow by the graphic designer Downtown in Lyon


Modèles pratiquant une activité de fitness, illustration du nouveau branding et de l'identité visuelle de l'entreprise de sport
UI and UX design of a mobile application and responsive web design of a website for the fitness brand
Creation of a responsive and minimalist web design for the company's website
Visual of the digital advertising campaign and social networks for the visual identity
web design and website creation for sports coach Wow Aspen
Design of the home page and web design of the company's website, freelance graphic designer and web designer in Lyon Downtown
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