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logo Downtown freelance Graphic Designer




Brand Concept

Logo + graphic assets

Brand universe / Wording

Country / Year:

France / 2020




Welcome Downtown! It's not an easy task to choose your own logo! But as a graphic designer, this exercice turns out to be really useful to comprehend and improve the customer's expectations, by putting yourself in his shoes!

For my personal branding, I tried to create a visual identity both personal and inclusive, elegant and disruptive, honest and a bit provocative... Ode to openness, audacity and the street culture, Downtown's visual identity also looks to reflect the handcrafted, meticulous, creative and custom approach of the graphic design ...

The design and use of multiple logos and marks allows to get a glimpse at my work and the aesthetic of the studio. It's also a way to vary and enrich the brand universe, to diversify and increase the future communication supports (social posts, stickers, t-shirts...).

Panneaux Downtown, direction artistique pour la promotion du studio


logo explaination downtown graphic design
Classy black texture for the brand's graphic design
Bannière web réalisée par le graphiste print et web Downtown
Symbols, brands and logos of the Downtown's visual identity
logo design mockup Downtown
business card downtown graphics


Mockup de stickers et objets promotionnels pour le studio graphique
brand identity downtown graphic design
colors brand assets Downtown branding agency
fonts branding downtown graphics
Design et mise-en-page de la brochure tarifaire du graphiste Downtown Lyon
mockup business cards branding downtown
branding downtown freelance graphic designer
duct tape mockup downtown freelance graphic design


Affichage et hors-média pour la promotion de l'agence
plastic pouch mockup downtown graphics
Direction artistique et création d'un visuel graphique pour l'identité de marque
brochure magazine design Downtown communication agency
mockup tote-bag downtown graphiste freelance
Visuel clé de l'identité visuelle du graphiste freelane Downtown
branding key visual Downtown graphic designer
mock-up shopping bags downtown freelance
t-shirts design downtown graphics
posters mockup Downtown graphic designer


UI et UX design responsive pour le webdesign du site internet de l'agence
responsive webdesign ipad downtown graphics
freelance webdesigner downtown graphics
webdesigner and digital agency Downtown graphics
Fond briques
Création de contenus digitaux pour les réseaux sociaux de l'agence
Texture "grunge" noire, élélment de l'identité de marque Downtown
freelance graphic designer in Lyon Downtown communication
Downtown freelance graphic designer Lyon
Downtown, freelance art director in Lyon
mockup instagram web agency Downtown graphics
communications agency Downtown Graphics Lyon
digital communication graphics Downtown
communication agency Lyon Downtown graphic designer
freelance graphic designer Lyon Downtown communication
community manager Lyon Downtown graphics
logo creation Lyon Downtown freelance graphic designer
graphic design Downtown studio
Spray can graffiti, graphic design studio and street artist Downtown

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