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business cards design for Elevated Corporate identity


Elevated Management


Brand Concept
Logo + graphic assets
Advertising campaign
Country / Year

USA / 2021


ZG Mad


Elevated is a high-end property management company founded late 2020 in Aspen, Colorado. Serving the Roaring Fork Valley area, Elevated offers a variety of bespoke house services and tailor-made concierge solutions. Committed to integrity, reliability and efficiency, the house managers ensure that their clients will never have to worry about a thing...


For its new corporate identity, Elevated wished to create an elegant, tasteful and refined branding, to reflect its care for details, quality and upmarket services. They also aspired to reflect the image of a modern, casual and accessible company, dedicated to its clients and the “Aspen way of life”.


Strongly inspired by the brand name, the surrounding mountains and the architecture of Aspen, the graphic answer presented is a simple and recognizable logo, combined with earthy, natural colors and topo map elements...

Maison en briques, visuel principal du branding d'Elevated
home logo for elevated branding


elevated management logo
Toiture d'une maison typique d'Aspen
icon logo Elevated management by Downtown
Sommet d'une montagne enneigée à Aspen
Elevated logotype
roof pictogram
E letter
mountains pictogram
brand guidelines for Elevated management Aspen
Logotype Elevated
Carte de visite pour l'identité visuelle de la marque
Déclinaison circulaire du logo Elevated
Graphisme topo map pour une charte graphique
Logo épuré créé pour le branding de la marque Elevated
Affiche publicitaire pour la communication d'une marque de luxe
advertising slogan and wording in Aspen
ipad logo mockup for elevated branding
polo mockup logo by Downtown graphic design
topo map visual graphic identity Elevated


Dessin typographique et design de caractères pour le branding Elevated
roof of an house in Aspen brand identity Elevated
web design homepage website Elevated by Downtown
business cards elevated designed by freelance designer Downtown
graphic design and stationaries for Elevated Aspen branding
color scheme used for elevated management corporate identity
Design de cartes de visite haut de gamme à Lyon par le graphiste Downtown
Client se ballade en montagne, visuel clé du branding de marque
hashatgs and social networks for elevated online communication
Exemple de typographies utilisées pour dans une charte graphique
advertising posters for elevated corporate identity


Création de logo et charte graphique à Lyon, graphiste Downtown
copywriting and advertising for Elevated in Aspen
advertising concept poster by Downtown graphic designer
social networks content creator in Aspen Downtown
advertising poster for Elevated communication
communication visual concept for Elevated corporate identity
magazine advertisment for elevated management in Aspen
copywriting and creative concept by Downtown graphics Aspen
advertising posters designer for Elevated
black topo map background design branding elevated
elevatd management logo corporat identity
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