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Saint-Germain Salon


Brand Concept
Logo + Graphic assets
Packagings Design
Brand Universe
Country / Year

USA / 2020




Saint-Germain is a notorious high-end hair salon based in Washington DC, and founded in the early 2000's by the french-american couple Franck Rihouey & Teri Ku.

The store relocation in downtown DC in 2020 was the opportunity to totally review the décor and architecture of the place, but also its visual identity ...

Inspired by french luxury brands, and some of the décor elements (colors, patterns...), the graphic universe tries to reflect elegance, sophistication and fanciness, but also modernity, cleanliness and avant-garde.

Thus, the logo also refers to Paris and the “French Touch”. Its simplicity allows instant and durable identification of the brand, but also a versatile and easy use on various communication supports like print, web, social medias or packagings ...

Shampoing, visuel d'ambiance en gros plan pour la publicité de la marque
logo design white saint-germain Downtown graphics


logo saint-germain black by downtown graphics
Chez le coiffeur, illustration de l'univers visuel de la marque
mirror icon downtown graphic designer
Arc de Triomphe à Paris, explication du concept et parti-pris graphiques
arch pictogram design downtown graphics
Salon/ Beauty
“Like a Star” /
Fanciness / Exclusive ...
Saint-Germain / Paris/
Champs-Elysées / French Touch
/ Open Door ...
logo concept explaination design agency Downtown
custom typography saint-germain logo by Downtown graphics
logomark design sant-germain Downtown graphic design
Ciseaux noirs de l'univers de marque conçu pour Saint-Germain
white saint-germain logo by downtown graphic design
model branding saint-germain by downtwn graphic designer
Logotype Saint-Germain
strore façade mockup saint-germain
apron mockup logo design agency Downtown


Composition graphique et typographique pour l'identité visuelle Saint-Germain
round logo saint-germain black
key visual hairsalon branding by downtown graphics
scissors mockup branding agency Downtown
branding colors black downtown graphic
branding color brassie bar white
Coiffeur, illustration de l'identité visuelle du salon
Élément graphique vectoriel créé spécifiquement pour le branding
business card design black & white by Downtown
salon interior mirror visual identity design by Downtown
t-shirt design graphic identity by Downtown graphic designer
Mock-up d'un tote bag personnalisé avec le branding du salon
branding design mockup Downtown graphic design agency


Packshot produit réalisé pour la campagne de communication d'une marque de luxe
square bottle packaging design by Downtown graphic designer
cosmetic packaging design by downtown graphic agency
hairspray packaging mockup by downtown graphic design
black pocket mirror logo mockup by downtown
black packaging design downtown graphic design
shopping bags design communication agency Downtown


Portrait d'une mannequin pour la campagne de publicité de l'entreprise
font logo design saint-germain by downtown advertising agency
luxury advertising campaign by Downtown communication
black ipad branding logo saint-germain Downtown graphics
hair cut model branding agency Downtown graphics
webdesign macbook pro mockup Downtown graphics
Graphisme web pour l'univers digital du salon
Mockup de communication sociale sur les résaux
Création de contenu digital pour le branding de l'entreprise
Community management et webmarketing pour la marque de luxe Saint-Germain
Exemple de post Instagram pour la communication digitale de la marque
Visuel de campagne webmarketing d'une marque de luxe
Design d'un post instagram pour la marque Saint-Germain
Direction artistique et contenu Instagram pour une marque de luxe
Web design et communication sociale par le graphiste Downtown Lyon
Design d'un post social pour l'identité visuelle de la marque
Direction artistique web et marketing digital pour une marque de luxe
community management web agency Downtown
Design d'une carte de visite de luxe embossée
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